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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Im BACK!!!!!!!

I'm finally back I will only post occasionally but I will still post. But here's a quick photo-shoot


Monday, January 6, 2014


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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Isabell review!!!

Hello again! If you haven't read my post earlier today continue to scroll down to see it;) So I will not be doing ALL of Isabelle's collection just some of it.
First up, Isabelle's clothes

Isabelle's Coral Sweater for Dolls

This shirt is $14 which is reasonable for AG, and I really love this shirt. I'm planning on getting it but more of that in a later post. I also love how it has thumb holes and how it drapes down on the side. So this is like the perfect sweater;)

Isabelle's Metallic Dress

 $34 is a little pricey but still worth it. I like this outfit just not enough to purchase it. However I like how the dress is layered and comes with a belt.
Isabelle's Rosette Leotard
 At $10 I think is reasonably priced. I really love how simple this looks and I'm planning on buying it. I really love how versatile it is as in it could be used for dance gymnastics or a tank.
 Isabelle's Purple Leotard
$12 is a ok price. Because I don't think it needed to be $2 more than the rosette leotard for a little longer sleeves and more detail. $10 would be fine. I am not planning on buying this because I don't really like how the material looks or the color combination.
Isabelle's Wrap Sweater for Dolls
I don't like the $14 price tag on this item. It could be $8 and I would be fine. But then again its AG. I really like this but I'm not sure if I am going to buy it. I like the detailing of they little dancer.
Isabelle's Pajamas for Dolls
$24 is a good price. I don't really have anything to say about these except I think the shirt looks like its PJs and the pants look like they are from Aladin.
Isabelle's Practice Top
$8 is okay. But it looks like something McKenna would where. I'm not planning on buying it.
Isabelle's Dance Skirt for Dolls
$12 is a pretty good price. I love this skirt but I'm not planning on buying it. I like how the sequins match the Scrunch Pants but I just don't want to purchase it.
Isabelle's Funky Leggings for Dolls
$12 is a perfect price for these. But I'm not really sure about the bow on the knee. I like it But I wish it was silver and I wish there was studs on both legs.
Isabelle's Scrunch Pants for Dolls
I love the $12 price on these! They are so so so so so cute! I would where these in real life! I like how they almost look denim and have sequins at the waistband!
Now on to accessories
Isabelle's Accessories
At $30 I think this is WAY over priced. However I do like he jacket and arm warmers, but you can easily make the arm warmers here. I guess the bag ok.
Isabelle's Studio
$275 is WAY overpriced! I personally don't want it. I have heard people say its plasticy so I'm not really sure about it.
Isabelle's Kitten
$22 is the typical price for pets so I cant say anything about that. The cats cute but, don't really like it.
And Finally, what do I think about Isabelle?
Isabelle Doll & Book
Isabelle is $10 more than the average doll because she has the hair extension. I'll start from the bottom up on the doll. I like the shoes, I like how they are sparkly. I'm a HUGE fan of the pants because I love hoe they are denim but they are sweat pants. The shirt is ok, its nothing amazing but its not terrible, its just a t-shirt. I like the hair color and I love how long it is. The hair extension is petty and I like it. I just think they should sell it separately. Anther thing is I wish you could buy the pieces of the meet outfit and all the outfits AG has by themselves.


I'm really sorry I thought I posted but I didn't and I didn't save it so very late merry Christmas I will post again later today about Isabelle and her stuff:)

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Shower time

today Felicity had to take a shower

All done!

Get my robe on...

tie it...

put on my slippers..

all done!
Now here are some current pictures of the doll house....
needs a little cleaning.......